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Mamo Surfing is a family affair – and we do everything we can to make sure you have the best possible stay, and that you feel at home here!

Mohamed – Surf coach

Surfing is a true vocation for Mohamed:
He loves to share his passion and exchange with other surfers from all over the world. Originally from Anza, he grew up in the middle of its famous waves and started body boarding in 2008, which he practiced for three years before trying surfing in 2011: it was a revelation!
For over ten years, he has dedicated his life to surfing and continues to enjoy the exceptional conditions of the region.
With Mamo Surfing, he now devotes himself to coaching all those who want to learn and progress, while sharing the richness of Moroccan culture and the beauty of the landscape between the mountains and the ocean. 

Fatima Zahra

Chef & Hostess , who is the sister of Mohamed, is the embodiment of Mamo Surfing hospitality! 
She is passionate about cooking. She has worked in many hotels, and she loves to treat her guests with all of her pleasure. 
We are delighted to have her on the team to prepare delicious Moroccan dishes, cooked with fresh local products and a lot of love. 
She also offers Moroccan cooking classes for those who wish to learn how to combine flavors in an authentic and creative way. 
She also takes care of the cleanliness of the rooms and takes care of everything you need during your stay. Thanks to Fatima Zahra, our villa will be your second home.

Karoline Torghele

is a special member of our team who came especially from Austria to Morocco to inspire us with her service and talent!
I, as Karoline, have been dealing for many years with different clients worldwide, with energy work in all its diversity.
It’s amazing how much power our own body and mind give us when we address them at their core.
This results in an energetic potential that fills you with vitality in every situation and shows you the way to more clarity and joy.
-If you are looking for a particularly profound accompaniment to solve problems and crisis situations or in the development of your spirituality, you are absolutely right with me and always welcome!
What you could learn and get from me thanks to my experiences is:
-Accompaniment to solve problems and crisis situations or in the development of your spirituality.
-With the help of gypsy cards, we take a look at the past, the present, and the future together.
-With the cards, we can find out what options the future holds for you.

Are you excited to have more information about what I offer?
You can find me at my official website:

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